Tim Dyson FMX, LLC is a rider owned and operated company. Over the past 15 years Tim has built a solid reputation with numerous promoters and entertainment companies across the globe. Whether booking a grandstand event or exhibition demo, Tim will work with your event schedule and location to ensure all your needs are met.

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Why choose Tim Dyson FMX, LLC?

There are many companies out there today, and we encourage you to shop around. Other companies out there will bid for the same event at a lower price just to book another show (aka cut-throat bidding). This will obviously cost you less from your entertainment budget, but in booking a less expensive company you get less experienced riders, lack of professionalism, poorly maintained equipment and not to mention a disappointed crowd. Pricing may be a little higher than the rest, but you can expect the best, as the saying goes “You get what you pay for.”

What sets Tim Dyson FMX, LLC apart from other companies?

Tim has access to many riders across the globe in all different skill sets from X-Games athletes to new and upcoming talent. All of the riders that perform with Tim Dyson FMX are the most professional and respectful riders. Tim has worked with events who come back every year based on how professional and easy to work with he is. Some events have used other FMX companies only to return to Tim Dyson FMX the following year because they were not pleased with the athletes behavior during the show and behind the scenes. With Tim Dyson FMX you will not get what they call a “rock-star” rider. You will get riders who are doing what they love and live to do, not looking at it as another party in a new city.

How does it work to book Tim Dyson FMX, LLC?

Booking Tim Dyson FMX for your event is simple. Once an agreement is reached (either by phone or email) on date, location, number of riders, show options and price, a contract stating the details and specifications for the event is sent to you for review and signing. Once the contract and down payment are received by Tim Dyson your event dates are booked. After that there is nothing for you to worry about, Tim will be there the day before your event to meet with you, review final details and set-up. Unless there is a change during the event, you can rest assured knowing that you don't have to “micro-manage” Tim Dyson FMX, LLC.

What “specifications” are in the contract that I will be signing?

The contract was written up according to the needs and safety of performing freestyle moto-x and the spectators. The specifications are standard requests for most FMX companies that include things such as a the size of the area where the performance will take place, ambulatory care, lighting (if performance is a night), who is responsible for accidents (no need to worry, all riders sign a waiver before riding for Tim Dyson FMX, LLC.) etc...

If you would like a quote or want to book an event, contact us and we will be happy to work with you to help make your event even more successful!

Tim Dyson FMX, LLC


Manager email: TimDysonFMXrep@yahoo.com
Tim Dyson email: timfmx@aol.com

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